NVPR Facilitates Partnership with Kathie Lee Gifford-GIFFT Wines and Pinot’s Palette (Metro North)
March 19, 2017
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Going International!

Joanna Christena Smith and Chad Smith, owners of Pinot's Palette Toronto!

It is with the greatest of satisfaction that I write this post in Canada. The place where I am born and raised, moving to NYC ten years ago with one suitcase, I would have never predicted that I would now have my own business. Over the years I think I might have taken Canada, especially Ontario for granted. I have seen so many beautiful places and cities all over the World. I had forgotten the beauty that surrounded me as I was growing up. Lakes and rivers are around every turn, lush foliage and clean highways, Prince Edward County and Toronto at my disposal. Here I am today seeing it all with different eyes like I have never seen it before.


As I drive through the back roads of my hometown, I can’t help to have a smile on my face. The reason why I am here are two-fold. One is to see and spend time with my family, but also because of my business New View PR. What I have created with the support and help of my partner Charlie, in life and business is a boutique “People Relations,” Social and Creative Agency. Our mission; “Bringing Personal Connection back into View.”


Grateful isn’t even the right word for what opportunities have appeared. Soon as I found my passion and truly realized my purpose, life started to flow more easily and the clients that I have gained are extraordinary. One great example of this is a company called Pinot’s Palette, just three years ago I walked into a new business located in Stamford Connecticut. The concept was painting and drinking wine. Now doesn’t that sound like so much fun? I thought so!! I experienced a three-hour guided painting class, taught by a local artist. The studio was vibrant and the music brought me back to my very early 20’s… yes I am sure some of you remember your early 20’s too and the music that got you up dancing. I loved that I was able to unwind, do something different and hang with my girlfriends with out going to a bar or another restaurant. At the end of the class I took my gorgeous painting home and actually gave it to someone as a gift. Back then I even wrote a blog about my experience, and ended up meeting the owner over social media (ironic or serendipitous?) Time passed and I told everyone I spoke to about this new fun night out in our area, at Pinot’s Palette.


Then only a year ago, as we were launching New View PR, I happened to cross paths with a Canadian woman from Toronto, walking our dogs, we were instantly connected by our four legged babies. As we got to talking I realized that she is the owner of Pinot’s Palette. I explained how I had loved my experience and I had met her husband a few years ago. With so many similarities, both Canadian, starting businesses and in love with American men, with cute little dogs as a bonus, we became quick friends.

Since that day, we not only became friends but Chris and her husband Chad have trusted me to help spread the word of the launch of their very first Canadian location. Which brings me here right now, dreams are coming true for us all and Pinot’s Palette is opening in Toronto this month on June 29th.

Joanna Christena Smith and Chad Smith, owners of Pinot's Palette Toronto!

Joanne “Christena” Smith and Chad Smith, owners of Pinot’s Palette Toronto!

In New York and Connecticut it has been amazing enlisting local press for my clients, media interviews and facilitating successful grand openings. My connections and relationships are constantly growing, in magazines, newspapers like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, news outlets and morning shows.

So here we are in Ontario where we are so proud to bring a new business, that will create a fun – memorable experience for the community, franchise opportunities, employment and paint it forward events with local charities. We already have an event in the works with Toronto Sick Kids, in which we are so thrilled to give back on the week of the grand opening.

Pinot’s Palette and New View PR might have started in the United States but the “ROOTS” of both these businesses are “Made In Canada.” What I knew about bringing our businesses across the border is that getting local Toronto Press was going to be a challenge and take time.

With total dedication over the last few weeks I have reached out to every Toronto area media outlet, I am waiting with anticipation for more response. Including Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Breakfast TV, The Social, Blog TO, CP24 News, City Line, CTV Canada AM, The Globe and Mail, Toronto NOW, Magazine Canada, Canadian Art Magazine just to name a few. I have spoken with Breakfast TV, Blog TO, and the Toronto Star on the phone in hope to have a confirmed interview in helping us to reach the community.

We would love all of the local support possible to ensure a successful opening and even more important, many fun nights to come for Toronto and all of Ontario.

Grand Opening Painting!

Grand Opening Painting!

To find out more about Pinot’s Palette/Toronto you can head over to the social media pages and to the website.

For direct media; contact us for interview bookings leading up to June 29th 2016. We can provide a complete Press Release.




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