Elisa’s enthusiasm, contacts and hard work were driving forces behind the amazing success of HarborFest. She connected us to the business community, the media and the general public in creative ways that promoted the important mission of SoundWaters and the fun of HarborFest. We look forward to working with Elisa and the New View PR team to take HarborFest to even higher heights next year.

-Bob Mazzone - VP, Development, SoundWaters

New View PR will walk up and down the streets to ensure they are spreading the word of your business. The passion that New View PR brings to each client or event is purely obvious.

-Pinots Palette.

Truly Public Relations with a concierge feel.


Working with Elisa Gorman is like working with a high voltage electrical current!! Her energy is contagious!! She is supercharged with all sorts of ingenious ideas to lift my business to the next level! She is honest and hardworking. I wish I had met her years ago, who knows where my business would be today!

-Tim Shea, Bareburger

We are so grateful to work with a wide range of clients including both personal and consumer brands.
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