Our Story

Elisa Gorman
New View PR is a boutique public relations, social and creative agency  that originated in NYC and is now based in Stamford CT. To truly understand what we are all about, you first need to know one thing. We live and breathe personal connection!

In a social and ever changing digital world we ensure that we stay grounded in the roots of human emotion. We take pride in enhancing the image and reputation of the people and companies we believe in.

New View PR is led by the enthusiasm and passion of Elisa Gorman. With over 15 years in promotions and sales, she has harnessed her energy into bringing people together. Her communication skills and love for intertwining people, products and events have made her one of the top social connectors in the Tri-state area. Elisa maintains strong relationships with industry influencers across print, broadcast, and digital and social outlets. She has garnered features and editorial in media such as NBC CT, New 12, CT Style, LOHUD, CTC&G, Hamlet Hub, Serendipity and Huffington Post. 

Elisa’s main focus is to bring people together with the attention to enrich and improve their business and lives.

Elisa is backed by a team of creative leaders that have their finger on the pulse of the changing social and digital  landscape.

We are driven everyday to wake up and be the best we can be.
We pour our passion and heart into everyone we work with.
There is no other way we know how to go about it.
Drive 100%
Passion 100%
Heart 100%