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Elisa’s enthusiasm, contacts and hard work were driving forces behind the amazing success of HarborFest. She connected us to the business community, the media and the general public in creative ways that promoted the important mission of SoundWaters and the fun of HarborFest. We look forward to working with Elisa and the New View PR team to take HarborFest to even higher heights next year.

-Bob Mazzone - VP, Development, SoundWaters

Big Announcement

We are excited to share the trailer to a new documentary called "The Last Line", Directed by Charlie Scopoletti & Elisa Gorman. NVPR is proud to be part of helping the film gain exposure while bringing awareness to the important issues and mission addressed in the documentary.

Film Synopsis: The Last Line focuses on a series of economic, farming and transportation issues facing our country. A local community shines a light on a new regional transportation system that utilizes cutting edge Hybrid and EV technology on their waterways, to deliver products without environmental impact or emissions. Harnessing the connection between local farmers, businesses and the consumer, with the goal to help our planet achieve a sustainable future.

Watch The Last Line - Documentary Trailer


We did it!! Pinot's Palette on TODAY with Kathie Lee & Hoda.
"I never heard of this organization before", Kathie Lee says.
But now she does and NVPR couldn't be prouder!

Watch Kathie Lee show off her artwork and try to gift it to Hoda.

We work with a wide range of clients including both personal and consumer brands. Here are a few!